medical insurance

medical insurance
medical insurance medical insurance insurance

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medical insurance UK US noun [U] (UK also medical cover) INSURANCE
insurance for the cost of medical treatment if you are ill or injured, often paid for by companies for their employees: »

All senior employees within our organization enjoy benefits such as a company car, pension, and medical insurance.


Sharp increases in premiums for medical insurance will force rising numbers of companies to scrap the benefit.


According to the Census Bureau, around one in seven Americans was without medical insurance last year.

provide/take out/buy medical insurance »

Figures suggest that 11 percent of state residents do not have medical insurance.


If you want private medical insurance once you stop work, you must be prepared for substantial costs.


a medical insurance policy/plan/scheme


medical insurance costs/premiums

See also HEALTH INSURANCE(Cf. ↑health insurance)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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